Round Table 26 Walcheren letter campaign

“On December 5th Sinterklaas is here, and he was thinking what he would gift to you this year......”

Even in these turbelent times, we think it is imporant that people who are struggling financially get a gift in December. Therefore we donate a large number of chocolate letters to the Food Bank of Walcheren. This way, people with financial problems can also enjoy the holidays. 


What is the Food Bank of Walcheren?

Mission: They provide obtained food to people who are struggling financially in Walcheren. They do this exclusively with volunteers 

Objective: Food Bank Walcheren want to contribute to the reduction of (hidden) povert and food waste in the region of Walcheren.Side goals: Reducing the social isolation of the target group living on a low income. Stimulating participation of volunteers in the initiative resulting in a large involvement in society.


What/who is the Round Table 26 Walcheren?

An association that promotes mutal friendships, which at the same time encourages that knowledge, experiences an opinions become frequent exchanged and thus contributes to the development of all its members.

An association for men between approximately 21 and a maximum of 40 years old. An association that provides service. That's for sure. In addition to local, national and international friendship is personal development an the contribution to the community at least as important.


On behalf of the Round Table 26 Walcheren

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